Paraguay's Fight Against Gmo Soy Corporates: A Life-and-death Struggle for Farmers?
Paraguay is fighting an uphill battle against GMO soy corporations. As the country struggles to remain independent from multinational agribusinesses, small-scale farmers are at the center of this life-and-death struggle. The battle has been going on for over a decade as multinationals have been buying up land and using chemical-heavy farming practices, leaving the soil and water resources depleted. In response, local farmers have joined forces in an effort to protect their land and livelihoods. They have organized protests, blocked roads, and set up blockades in order to fight back against the corporate takeover of their land. Despite their efforts, the situation remains dire, with many farmers unable to feed their families or make ends meet. It is a difficult battle, but one that Paraguayan farmers still need to win in order to ensure their future.
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