How Did Diana Change Throughout Her Years in the Royal Family?
Diana, Princess of Wales was a major figure in the British Royal Family for more than 15 years. During this time she changed significantly in terms of her public image, her relationship with the media and her involvement in charity work. Initially seen as an innocent young girl thrust into the spotlight, Diana quickly became known as a glamorous and stylish fashion icon who used her position to support numerous charities and good causes. Her marriage to Prince Charles deteriorated spectacularly and the couple separated in 1992. After the separation, the Princess of Wales focused on her humanitarian efforts, devoting much of her time to charitable works and using her celebrity status to bring attention to important social issues. She also became an advocate for banning landmines and was widely praised for her commitment to helping those in need. Diana's death in 1997 was met with shock and grief around the world and she remains one of the most beloved members of the Royal Family today.
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